Our management team and workforce at Damar are committed to providing quality products and services to all customers. This commitment is reflected in Damar's Quality Policy:


Damar's Certifications and Approvals
• ISO9001:2008 International Standard Registered
• AS9100 Rev D Aerospace Standard Registered
• Boeing D1-8007 Approved Statistical Sampling Plan
• Boeing D1-4426 Temper Inspection of Non-ferrous Alloys (BAC 5602)
• Boeing D6-51991 Digital Product Definition Approved
• Boeing D6-82479 Appendix A, Addendum 1 Approved
• Boeing D6-50022 Source Delegate Approved
• Goodrich QA111 Addendum I Certified Supplier
• Northrop Grumman Source Delegate Approved
• Spirit AeroSystems MAA-100009-1 DPD/MBD